Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Ogden… It’s All Within Reach

There’s nothing like living amongst nature’s serenity and beauty and enjoying city perks at the same time. That’s the vision behind this Gadi Leshem-produced documentary which narrates the Renaissance Village project on which Gadi Leshem is a consultant.

This film highlights the stunning beauty of Ogden City in Utah and the unique characteristics that make it one of the pleasant places to live in. After all, who wouldn’t want to wake up to a view of captivating mountains and have, at hand, recreational activities such as skiing, mountain biking, and kayaking easily within reach? In this film, Gadi Leshem proposes something more for Ogden City - a bigger vision and dream that would allow Ogden residents to maximize the beauty of the city.

Through the eyes of the Ogden City mayor Matthew Godfrey, businessman Curt Geiger, and entrepreneur Chris Peterson this film expounds on the idea of having an affordable and larger home and enjoying the luxury of waking up to a meadow with singing birds and being able to enjoy numerous recreational activities every single day. While Ogden City is in itself blessed with the extraordinary beauty of nature, it’s also one of the few cities that combine attractions and facilities such as mountain ski resorts, universities, an old historic town, and more.

With the Renaissance Village project, Ogden residents may soon enjoy panoramic views of the mountains and alpine forest from a gondola, have a cup of coffee with friends in an open-air cafe against a stunning backdrop of the peaceful Ogden River, and scour through shops amidst the mesmerizing beauty of nature.

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Key for Success

We often hear people tell their own version of success stories. A number of books would even tell us their secrets of success. Some say that success lies on a positive attitude, talents and skills along with a determined spirit. We often forget that these factors will only get you halfway and is not sufficient to ultimately reach your goal to success. From what I’ve observed, successful people have only one thing in common, that is- Passion.

A passionate person loves what he does and any task entrusted to him is surely bound to make a difference. I know a great man, may not be known by many, but, certainly has a passion for greatness. His name is Gadi Leshem.

But who is Gadi Leshem?

Gadi Leshem is a notable documentary producer originally from Los Angeles. Most of the films that he has produced are primarily focused on social awareness like the five alarm opportunity and the cool cop rap. Gadi is proficient in the different aspects of the film production process but his love for film making made him different from the other producers of his time. He certainly is successful in his craft because he was able to produce more than a dozen quality films to his credit.

Not only is he a talented producer, Gadi Leshem is currently serving as a consultant in the Ogden river development program. This project is underway along the breathtaking Ogden River Parkway, which according to the development team of this project, urban housing, business development and recreational activities like shopping and dining will soon rise in the area. This project will certainly open doors of opportunity to everyone.

In conclusion, let me leave you this motivational quote written by a German poet. Hope this inspires you to be passionate and exceptional in everything you do.

-“Nothing great in the world has ever been accomplished without passion.”

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Thursday, July 22, 2010

The Works and Achievements of Gadi Leshem

There are a number of talented documentary film producers in the country today. One of them is Gadi Leshem, a successful businessman originally from Los Angeles, California, known for producing exceptional documentary films.

Leshem has an excellent eye for quality screenplays and an expert in the process of film-making. Most of Gadi Leshem’s works evolve but are not limited to documentaries that examine a specific subject area. Among his distinguished productions are Five Alarm Opportunity, Work Place Safety, Cool Cop Rap, Elegant Esser and Ludwig.

Aside from being a promising documentary film producer, Gadi Leshem also works as a Consultant to the Ogden River Development Program. The goal of this program is to bring this river back to its natural condition and improve the stream back to its historic flow. In addition, the Renaissance of Ogden will soon rise in place, revitalizing nearly 100 acres of the downtown area.

Surely, it will open doors of opportunities to people because the Renaissance Village will provide excellent amenities like world class gourmet restaurants, offices, cozy galleries and dynamic residential space both to the locals and tourists.

Wrapping up, Gadi Leshem is truly a visionary. We see it not only to his exemplified work of art in his documentaries but also with his contributions in the development of the Ogden River and its surrounding areas making the vicinity promising in the coming years.There are a number of talented documentary film producers in the country today. One of them is Gadi Leshem, a successful businessman originally from Los Angeles, California, known for producing exceptional documentary films.